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Oct 20 / todd

Users On Outlook 2010 Are Receivng Blank Messages

Recently some of our clients have been running across this Outlook problem.

Users’ Outlook inboxes would indicate that they received a new email message. The email’s subject line would show in the inbox, but when the user would click on the email to view the message, the entire body of the email would be blank. This problem kept occurring with users that had their anti-virus software recently updated, installed or changed on their workstations.

One client had their entire office staff run into this problem and was grinding their operations down to a halt.

After some investigation, we found the issue to be that the recently installed anti-virus software (in most cases we dealt with AVG 2011) was determining html emails as potential virus or malware threats. Because of this, html formatted emails were stripped off of the message body, leaving only the recipient and subject intact.

Once we determined the problem, the solution was simple:

  1. “open add/remove programs”
  2. change the anti-virus’ (in this case AVG’s) installed options by unchecking (disabling) the email scanner and outlook plugins
  3. re-boot the workstation

The issue was solved.

If you’re still running across this problem and need additional help, contact us at (212) 727-2100 or email us at

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